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The Pack Project was founded in 2017 after a trip abroad ignited a passion to help stray dogs facing euthanasia in Romania.

We Started The Pack Project...

…in 2017 after a heartbreaking Facebook post about 30 dogs facing euthanasia in a Romanian pound. Witnessing animal struggles abroad during our travels wasn’t new, and we’d already adopted a rescued dog from the Thai meat trade and a stray from Cyprus. This time, we knew we had to do more than just encourage friends and family to sponsor the Romanian dogs. Securing sponsors was a start, but seeing the overwhelmed rescue centre firsthand ignited a passion to truly help. 

With our marketing and photography skills, we initially thought we could showcase the dogs for adoption more effectively. But the situation’s severity and lack of funding demanded a bigger solution.

Meet The Pack project team
Meet The Pack project team
Care For Dogs Romania
The Care For Dogs Romania team

Care Dogs For Romania

The Pack Project officially launched a few months later with a dedicated team, including Jo from that initial trip to Romania. Today, we’re a registered charity with over 1100 successful adoptions, some even finding homes with celebrities! 

We partner with the incredible Care For Dogs Romania, and together we share a relentless drive to find loving homes for as many animals as possible. Our core values – positive training, natural diets, and enriched lives – guide everything we do to ensure these deserving dogs and cats live long, happy, and fulfilling lives.

More About Us

Laura Walker

Founded by dog lover, Laura Walker, we rescue Romanian strays & find them loving UK homes. Partnering with Care For Dogs Romania, over 1100 adoptions & counting!

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Our Values


We champion happy pets! This involves positive training, natural diets & enriched lives for rescued dogs & cats.

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Meet The Team

Lis profile

Our dedicated team encompasses Laura’s vision, Jo’s project skills, Lou’s adopter experience, plus volunteers all work tirelessly to rehome Romanian dogs & cats.

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Street Dogs


Reducing the number of stray dogs through neutering and changing attitudes towards dogs through our partnership with Care Dogs for Romania.

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