The Pack Project

Our Values

We are passionate advocates for dogs and cats from all over the world. As a team we want to help all pets live long, happy and fulfilling lives and so we have these core values at the heart of everything that we do. 

Positive Training – we believe that positive reward based training is the kindest method to train any dog. It helps build a bond of trust with the dog and it’s guardian. We actively campaign against balance or negative trainers who use aversive training tools and techniques. 

Natural Diet – we encourage all of our adopters to feed as natural a diet as possible, to ensure our adoptees live long and healthy lives as they can. We recommend complete raw diets to all of our adopters and can attest to their success. We actively encourage adopters not to feed any dry dog food, and overly process wet dog food.

Enriching Lives – dogs and cats need to be able to display their natural behaviours, such as digging, retreiving, sniffing etc. It is important that we give them physically and mentally enriching lives.