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Care For Dogs Romania

We found the force of nature that is Delia Botea through a mutual rescue aquaintance. We went to meet her at her rescue centre Care For Dogs Romania in Prejmer near Brasov back in 2018. We formed a partnership with the rescue shortly afterwards and have watched the rescue grow and evolve over the last 6 years. Laura and Delia attended an International Dog Rescue course at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Academy in 2019, both learning so much. 

We have visited the rescue many times over the years, getting to know the team and how the shelter is run and how they care for the animals. They are fantastic at what they do, under such difficult conditions. 

Not only is the shelter leaps and bounds ahead of others, what is so inspiring is how Delia and the Care For Dogs Team are trying to make a change in their country. They run a free neuter programme for people’s pet dogs, encouraging them to allow them to do that, and also neutering dogs from the street. In addition, they visit schools to educate children on dogs, and also invite children to the shelter to spend time with the dogs. 

Reducing the number of stray dogs through neutering and changing attitudes towards dogs is the only way to solve the stray dog of Romania problem. 

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Care For Dogs Romania
The Care For Dogs Romania team

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